What Do You Clean Wood With Before Staining?

What Do You Clean Wood With Before Staining?

Some people don’t know what to do if cleaning wood after finishing. The fact is that wood will become dirty from time to time and it takes a little practice to clean the wooden surface of your home. I am hoping to help you here.

You should be sure to clear the area but also be sure to use a gentle soap. You may use any soap to start with, but be certain that you read the instructions on the bottle before hand. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a stiff bristled brush to go along with you. A soft bristle brush will wear down the soap from the wood, while a stiff brush will damage the wood. In the event that you’ve got a brush, you might want to buy a more aggressive brush to the last use of the soap.

In order to start, you need to make sure that you have the spilled liquid to clean up. If you’re using a soap that is harsh, you should take some water and place a drop or two on the cloth. Do this. You should wipe up the area first before you use it, if you have a wood cleaner. Make certain that you rinse off it won’t harm the finish on the wood when you do this.

You should start with a moist cloth and take the sand paper out. If you’re currently dealing with a stain, you may need to use a buffer pad to remove any excess water. Start by sweeping the timber.

The next step you can use is to use a furniture polish. This is your brush. As you go, you can clean the wood. Be sure that you use a brush. Keep wiping until the wood is completely clean.

You should use a cotton cloth to wipe up, once you’re done with the area. The thing which you should do is apply a coat of a stain. Use a water based stain, but you should make sure that you use a light coat. You could also use a latex based if you would prefer stain.

You can make sure that the stain comes through the wood by applying a primer, if you would like. This is an easy thing to do if you already have a wood finish, but you should read the instructions for your wood finishing kit, if you haven’t. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter which sort of primer you use be sure you follow the instructions and maintain the areas covered dry.

Now that you’re done with the last step, you can throw the fabric in the trash. Take if you would like to use the cloth and use it to cover the wood, leaving an outline on the surface. Allow the area dry for about an hour. After the part dries, you can place the piece back into place or clean it up by using.