How Do You Paint Wooden Toys?

How Do You Paint Wooden Toys?

So you are buying a wooden toy for your child. Do you know how to paint wooden toys? Painting wooden toys is pretty easy if you follow the steps by steps explained in this article. Use these tips and you will be painting your wooden toy in no time.

First step is to determine which color you want to use on your toy. If you are going to paint it yourself, you can ask your child what color he or she wants and will be glad to oblige if you explain what colors work best on the toy.

This step is necessary because there are certain painting process that won’t work with some types of wooden toys. When you are painting your wooden toy, you need to make sure you use the appropriate brush for the particular type of toy. You can find several types of brush and you will be able to identify them by their shape.

Next step is to prepare the surface to be painted. You will need to coat it with the paint. If you are going to paint it yourself, it is a good idea to take measurements first and lay it out where you want the toy to be painted. After you have done that, make sure you buy the correct amount of paint.

The next step is to prepare the base. The base should be smooth so it can dry quickly. Also, make sure it is dry before you begin painting. It is best to avoid using water on your base since you will want to create a soft and almost airy surface.

The next step is to place the brush on the paint. Always make sure you clean your brush after painting. Never use old paint on the new brush. Using a brush that has been used for some time is a very bad idea. You could end up damaging the toy.

Now the painting will begin. Do not move the toy until the paint is dried completely. If you do not move the toy for at least an hour, the paint will not dry as quickly as it should.

Make sure you do the painting in two layers. First layer is what you will use to get the basic color and the second layer is the darker color. This way, you will be able to create a smooth paint on the toy without making it look uneven.