How Do You Make a Simple Rustic Picture Frame?

How Do You Make a Simple Rustic Picture Frame?

You know how to create a picture frame out of wood and you can also add other items such as pictures. However, you want to be able to create a more personal looking picture frame so you look around for different ways on how to make a simple rustic picture frame. Here are a few tips that can help you out with this project.

Step one: Decide what you want your picture to look like. You can have a large picture of a person, or of a landscape, or a beautiful rose bush, whatever you want to use. Then go over your picture one last time so you can see how you can incorporate it into the rustic picture frame. Maybe your picture will look better on its own with a larger rose bush in the background. Maybe you will need to make sure that the picture is framed so you can find a piece of wood to fit the frame into.

Step two: Draw the picture out on paper, then cut out the pictures and a grid if needed. Your picture is going to be more important than you think, so you should take that into consideration when you’re cutting the parts out.

Step three: Take your wood and find all the pieces of wood that you will need for the frame. You can use these to add a stain to make your rustic wood look nicer. Then you can add some pieces of lumber to the frame to give the wood a nice appearance.

Step four: Take your pictures and put them into the frame. If you need a border to add, you can do that later. Place your frame in the back and connect it to the back of the other frame, especially the bottom one, to ensure it is safe. Make sure it is not leaning against anything solid for your picture to come off of.

Step five: Make sure you have the correct size of screws and nails that you need for your frame. You need two to two and a half inches for the frames that you are making. Add a safety pin on each corner to make sure the frame is not coming off as you are putting it together.

Step six: Slide the wooden box into the frame and clamp it to the back of the picture frame. Make sure you do not just slap the picture on the wood because you might not have the right size for the wood.

These are a few easy steps on how to make a simple rustic picture frame. A lot of people that are making these may have a very small budget, but they can still be made inexpensively. Keep in mind that you can add a lot of little details, such as pictures of flowers, to make a more beautiful rustic wood picture frame.